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Immigrating to the United States is a complex process, so it is crucial to have the right team on your side. The team at Hogan Edwards & Blue, LLP have over 36 years of combined experience in helping individuals and families successfully navigate the intricacies of the American immigration process.

We offer comprehensive immigration law services to clients not only in North Carolina, but across the United States. Our attorneys are highly knowledgeable of immigration legislation and all that is involved in obtaining a green card, business visa, or U.S. citizenship. Our firm is focused on providing timely services and helping you achieve the results you are looking for.

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Meet Our Attorneys & Staff

Andre N. Hogan, Hogan Edwards & Blue LLP, Fayetteville NC

Andre N. Hogan

Attorney Hogan is a Partner at Hogan, Edwards & Blue, LLP. Attorney Hogan served as an Assistant District Attorney in Fayetteville, North Carolina, before going to private practice. He has over a decade of legal experience where he focuses his practice on all areas of immigration law.
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A graduate of High Point University and North Carolina Central School of Law, Attorney Hogan gives back to the community by serving on the board of the Cumberland County Legal Aid. Attorney Hogan is a member of the American Immigration Lawyers Association, American Bar Association, North Carolina State Bar, and 12th Judicial District Bar.
Terry Spearman, Hogan Edwards & Blue LLP, Fayetteville NC

Terry Spearman

Terry Spearman comes to the law firm with 20+ years of experience in the immigration field. Before joining the law firm, he was labeled as the “subject matter expert” with the United States Army, where he helped immigrants from all over the world. He has assisted thousands of clients with their immigration needs and has a true desire to change lives for the immigrants who need help.
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Although his studies of the law began with criminal justice, he quickly learned that there are so many immigrants who just want a chance to be legal in the US. To help others become productive citizens of the community, he readjusted his focus in the law to immigration.

With a kind heart and unmatched determination, you will find that Mr. Spearman is sincere in his drive to find a way to make it happen within the limits of the law. He is not a person to tell you that it can’t be done; he is a person that will tell you what can be done. He has received several awards from the American Bar Association for the immigration work and also mentioned in articles and books concerning immigration subjects. His knowledge and ability to work the immigration system is invaluable to the firm and clients and unsurpassed by many.


“The immigration work that this law firm did for me cannot be replaced by anyone else. I filed my own paperwork, which was the first mistake, and then I was denied. They helped me appeal my case and won, and now I am a legal permanent resident of the United States and looking forward to them helping me with my citizenship.”
– Felicia A.
“The assistance that I received with all of my immigration paperwork was incredible by Hogan Edwards & Blue. They are fast, inexpensive, and keep you informed every step of the way.”
– Liz C.
“Terry helped my entire family and me with our immigration issues, and now we are all together. We owe so much to them for helping us reunite as a family. It was a long battle with immigration until we called them. We are forever grateful for all the hard work.”
– Khaled S.

We are here to guide you on your immigration journey. To learn more about our services and how our attorneys can assist you, please contact us at 888-4CI-TIZN (888-424-8496) today.