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Moving to America is not easy, but having an experienced legal team on your side can help ease some of the challenges. Immigrants to our country must navigate complex applications and laws to obtain a green card, business visa, or U.S. citizenship.

With over 36 years of combined experience in immigration law, Hogan Edwards & Blue, LLP offers clients across the United States experienced, effective legal representation and guidance. It is our goal to make the process as easy as possible for our clients, so they thrive within our country.

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Guiding You Through the Immigration Process


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Becoming a citizen of the United States can be very tricky and complicated. There are a number of ways to citizenship, including honorable military service; marriage to a US citizen; establishing permanent residency for five years, or deriving it from a US Citizen Parent.

Our attorneys can take you step-by-step through the entire process from evaluating your eligibility and submitting your application correctly, to tracking your application up to the point of actually preparing you for the interview.

Application for Legal Permanent Residency (Green Cards)

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In order to become a legal permanent resident of the United States (green card holder), you must meet many different aspects of the law before submitting your applications. If you do not meet the requirements, it can easily result in application denial or even deportation from the United States. You might even have rights that you are not aware of, and we can ensure you receive those benefits.

This part of the immigration process is probably the most difficult and most important step you will encounter. Becoming a Legal Permanent Resident of the US opens many doors if done properly. Our firm can help you navigate the complex applications and process to become a Permanent Resident of our country.

Petition for Alien Relatives

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If you have a direct relative (mother, father, brother, sister, or adult child), they may be eligible to petition for you. Or if you are a Legal Permanent Resident or US Citizen and you want to bring a relative over to the United States as a permanent resident, you would have to petition for that person and meet the requirements of immigration. We can assist you with preparing the applications and processing the case through the National Visa Center & State Department all the way to the point of when your relative enters the United States and obtains their green card.

Removal of Conditions

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If you are granted conditional residency in the United States (a two-year green card), then you must apply to remove those conditions 90 days before the expiration of your conditional card. You must be able to prove that you entered into your marriage in good faith and that you live together with your spouse as a married couple. If you are now separated or divorced from the sponsor by which you obtained your card, you may still be eligible to apply to remove those conditions on your own. Assistance from our firm will better your chances of approval and possibly avoid any interviews before receiving your ten-year green card.

Fiancé Petitions

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You might have a person overseas that you want to marry, and that person has a desire to marry you. You would have to petition for that person to come to the United States as your fiancé and get married within 90 days of his/her arrival in the United States. After the marriage, you would then need to apply for the permanent resident card for the spouse. This application can create issues if you do not submit all required evidence to immigration and could result in a denial or a very long delay in the process. We can ensure it is done correctly the first time and make the process much smoother for you and your fiancé.

J1 Waivers of Two Year Requirement

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You might find yourself in the United States under an exchange program and be required to return to your home country after completion of your exchange program. This is a common requirement for teachers that come to the United States to narrow the gap of the educator vacancies in the US education system. There may be a way that you do not have to return to your home country to meet that two-year requirement and remain in the US.

Each country varies with the two-year requirement, and it is best to consult an attorney about this requirement before submitting any other type of application with immigration. You might find that you have wasted your time and money if you submit the wrong application.

Our firm has been very successful with these applications, and we can ensure that they are appropriately prepared and sufficient evidence exists to support this type of application. These applications are very detailed and require an abundance of evidence and documentation to support the applications. We can get you through this process and ease your worries and burdens.

Waivers of Unlawful Presence

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Let’s say that you entered the United States without inspection (illegally) and have remained in the country, never leaving after you entered. Let’s say that you are now married to a United States citizen and have a family, or your spouse has ongoing medical issues, or you are afraid of persecution if you return to your home country to live. Under these conditions, you might be eligible for a waiver of the “bad” time that you have in the United States.

If you leave the US without this waiver after petitioning, you could find yourself barred from the US for up to 10 years or more. This is very common and could very easily get a person put into deportation if not prepared properly. We can assist you with this complicated and challenging process.

Extension of Stay or Change of Status

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Have you come to the United States as a visitor and now find yourself wanting to stay for an extended visit or educational opportunities? If yes, you must apply for an extension of stay within a reasonable amount of time before the expiration of your authorized visitation time.

There are only certain categories of visitors that are allowed to change this type of status or apply for an extension of the visitation. Let our firm determine if you are eligible and provide you with the service that will better your chances of approval.


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Do you feel that your life may be in danger if you return to your country of birth? This threat could be for various reasons such as religion, persecution, or even politics. There is a very strict requirement that must be met before applying for this type of relief, and if it is submitted without merit, you could easily find yourself removed from the U.S. and not allowed to return. You must have this type of situation evaluated by an experienced law firm to avoid a catastrophe for you and maybe your family. We are experienced and successful with countless asylum applications, and we can ensure that you do not just simply apply for frivolous asylum status.

Employment Authorizations

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Everyone wants to work, and with the economy the way it is, you can only work if the Department of Homeland Security authorizes you. Obtaining a work permit opens up many doors, such as obtaining a Social Security Card and driver’s license. Employment authorizations are based on certain categories of immigrants, or it might be part of another application that you have submitted. We can evaluate your situation and determine if you are eligible to apply for employment authorization.

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